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gunder69's Journal
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Tuesday, March 20th, 2007
6:06 pm
The ENd...or is it?

Link to my new journal, thanks for reading all
Monday, March 19th, 2007
3:36 pm
Is Anybody out there?
I think I originally started up this live journal as an log for my character, which is kinda silly in retrospect, not to mention I choose a funny name. So I'm closing down this lj and starting up a new one. I'll link to it from here if anyone is interested.
Wednesday, March 7th, 2007
3:35 pm
Queen Music is a way of life. Sadly probably a homosexual one
Well, another exciting day at work, and I still don't mind at all. I can hang out here. play around on FRO and make money. Could there be anything greater I wonder? Well maybe a busty blonde on my lap all the time, but hey, you can't have everything.

So in general life is good. I have a good job and good friends. My new DnD TT game will be starting up this Sunday (if we don't find something new to get in the way that is >_>) Lack of love, but hey, you'll get used to anything.

still kinda annoyed that I never see my friends during the week, but we can hang out on the weekends, so thats cool. I also miss having wing night at the bar. Oh my delicious chicken wings, I miss you soooo much.

FRO is going well, I enjoy my GMing again, and my character is rank 6. He's amazingly powerful and cool, I'm going to badly miss him when everthing restarts.

My supervisor at work, Ryan is a cool guy as well. We get along great. I'm thinking I should invite him to go to the movies with my friends when we next go out.
Monday, March 5th, 2007
8:05 pm
Went to a kotei, didn't play, still spent like $100 somehow....
There was the Toronto Kotei this weekend, I didn't play, I'm trying to get out of the game,but I went to support my friends and try to unload some of my old L5R cards. Sold a bunch for like $40 which was well worth it, then I stopped by the RPG table...bought like 4 books for $40. Then I stopped by the artist table,bought three prints for $15 each. Then I saw a samurai Voodoo baby.....another $14.....but all purchases were well worth it I say!

Well combined with Breakfast and Dinner...it was an expensive day. Still fun. I'll have to put up pictures of the stuff I got on the next post.
Monday, February 26th, 2007
6:33 pm
Hello True Belivers!
Another week in which to experience the wonders of life. I think things are going good for me. No big drama, all my friends are healthy and alive, I have a well paying job which is steady. I have plans to continue my education. I even have a number in the lottery which may end up being my ticket to easyville. And a tasty looking sammich on my plate for lunch.

We still haven't managed to get that Table Top game running, and with my work scheduel I don't know when that'll happen. Scott seems a little dispondant lately, I'd like to visit him and cheer him up. I think he misses being a kid with no responsibilities. Me on the other hand, I miss none of it at all. I love being my own person, having my own job and my own life, with not a thing to tie me down. A bit lonely maybe. But well, I think I have plenty of friends.

FRO is going okay, running GM like stuff, having some fun, my character is a Rank 6 scary mofo (2 ranks Yoritomo Bushi, 4 Ranks Ronin Warrior). I recently got the Mosters of Rokugan 3rd edition book, so I can throw random creatures at Rev Path when I get bored. GMing court stuff too, finally am getting my Ox plot off the ground. Held off on that for far too long.

City of Heroes continues to be fun, I may not need another game for as long as I live, god knows I barely have enough free time for one. My Defender is level 50, and my Fire Brute is level 42 (close to 43). So I would indeed say things are going well on there and lots of fun. No complaints there.

Work is just fine, nothing to say there, got in a bit of trouble, as they wanted me to work the weekend but no one told me that, and I got chewed out for not being able to read minds. Oh well, I was happy to get the weekend off anyways.
Friday, February 23rd, 2007
4:41 pm
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3:40 pm
Okay, I realise my previous incarnation of Kingdom X was crap, instead I'm going to move into another direction.

Lost City
In the center of the land, lies the mystical City of X. It is said that long before mortal man can remember, that X was the center of the greatest Kingdom that ever had been and ever would be. The people who lived there, the Eiyordum, had created a society strong in both magics and strength of arms. They were the undisputed rulers of all the lands, until mysteriously they vanished from history, leaving the younger races free to build their own kingdoms and history.

Beyond a few scattered ruins, there is little to remember the mysterious Eiyordum...except for, of course, The City of X. Like a blood red ruby, it has been kept apart behind a massive red magical barrier for longer than any man can say. Over the years, there have been countless attempts to break through the barrier, with no success.

Two weeks ago, the barrier fell, leaving the City of X open to the world for the first time in recorded history. As one, all the surrounding nations have moved, to take control of this priceless mystical resource.
Thursday, February 22nd, 2007
4:27 pm
If I had a million dollars?
"If I had a million dollars, I'd buy your love."

In the words of the immortal Barenaked Ladies, mind I don't think you can buy love for a million dollars, atleast not the kind that lasts. So I'm thinking what would I do if a giant wad of money jumped into my lap today. I think that I would move back to my old home town and open a comic and gaming shop.

I can imagine it, friendly service, nice open place where people can bring their kids, polite and friendly. Gaming tables to hold tournaments in. Bean bag chairs. The whole nine yards. A real labour of love.

It's something I should think about one day, something to work towards beyond just being a working time joe. A real good dream.
Wednesday, February 21st, 2007
6:40 pm
Eventually, a writer looks over what he's done. And sometimes, it's a complete failure. I'm looking back over what I've written here and suddenly, I'm struck with how crappy it would all be. While a nice-happy-ewok singing world would be nice, it wouldn't be interesting. Especially for a online setting.

An online setting needs conflict, danger and a good chance of getting into fights on the streets. Nearby dungeon areas which can brew trouble. Some kind of local evil in which to fight for the heroes.

So, I am going to revamp the setting into something more sinister and ruin-ey. Stay tooned.

Also....Starfire....so much hotness

Tuesday, February 20th, 2007
4:25 pm
More on Kingdom X
More on Leaders....
The Kingdom is currently ruled by a Chancellor, the late Kings youngest brother, Prince Alnows. Alnows was named Chancellor when he returned from abroad just in time to reveal the duplicity of his older brother in killing the late King, and saving the royal heirs from a similiar fate. In the last eight years, while waiting for the Crown Prince to become old enough to take the throne, the Kingdom has prospered under the rule of Alnows, despite the recent tragedy concerning the Elven Nations.

Cities and Towns, Important Places

Yowen's Retreat
The capital city of the Human Kingdoms is Yowen's Retreat, named after and built by the great tribal King Yowen who united the scattered human societies during the First Wars. Bringing his people south to escape the maruading goblin hordes, the great leader was struck with a vision from the Gods that his people should make a stand there, on the South bank of the River White, and they would break the Goblin Horde into a thousand pieces.

The prophecy came true, the Yowens people broken the invaders, beginning the decline of the Goblin Nations into savegery. There his people settled, beginning a nation which would stretch from mountains to shore.

The second biggest city in the Kingdom, the Retreat is the throne of the King and has been since Yowen's Time. The city has been besieged more than once in it's history, but the protection of the river and it's hardy people have turned back all enemies.
Wednesday, February 14th, 2007
4:16 pm
DnD Chat Still in Planning "I need to buy Webspace" stages
Until I think of a decent name, my setting will be known as Kingdom X.

The Elves have this to say about humans : "Much like sand after a trip to the beach, the race of man gets everywhere." And it's a very true statement. After the Gods left the mortal races to their own devices, mankind quickly became the dominant power in Kingdom X. Hardy, adaptable, ingenious man had the ability to hold onto the lands it already controlled and the vision to search for new horizons.

Human lands stretch across most of the continent, ranging from the northern Savage Mountains to the Lostbones Sea in the south. The human nations bump up against the lands of all the civilized races (and some of the not so civilized ones). Beyond Kingdom X, from across the Lostbones Sea, there are strange and exotic human cultures that no one in Kingdom X have ever seen.

In Kingdom X, the main human seat of power is Yolen's Retreat, the center of the civilized world. From here generations of human Kings and Queens have held power, defending their vast nation from all who would seek to take it from them.

King Archles the Ninth was the last man to sit upon the Throne of Old Bones. Not a year ago he died of illness, leaving two children as heirs, Prince Archles the Tenth and his daughter Princess Amreal. Archles, the heir apparent, currently trains with the XXX Guard. Princess Amreal is currently in deep seclusion, rarely seen in public.

more later....
Tuesday, February 13th, 2007
6:48 pm
Oh how the wheel turns....
Ends up I didn't get full time, I'm working in to replace someone for the week. Next week I'm working nights which is somewhat better actually. More time I can spend with my friends. So I'm not sure if I'm a real worker yet, but I'm not starving and I work from time to time.

Going back to school later in the year,very excited about that. My family was just estatic to hear I was working full time, going to be hard to break the news to them. Maybe once I know exactly what I'm doing I can tell them whats up. Would hate to disapoint them.

Not sure what I'm going to do with City of Heroes, not sure if I've got the time to play. I would like to certainly, I really enjoy the game. I guess we'll see what things look like next week.
Saturday, February 3rd, 2007
6:47 am
Another Saturday Update on my life, be amazed.
There are new scratches in my desk, ya'll probably don't find that interesting...but it's true! Go excitement.

We are going to get a Table Top DnD game going soon, which I am very excited about. Hopefully it'll be a good chance to reconnect with some friends that I haven't seen in a while, and make some new friends while I'm at it. We'll make characters next week and get things started. I'm going to work really hard to make sure this all works out and is fun for everyone.

FRO stuff is getting better. My character can interact with others on a regular basis now, so I'm much much happier. Really I just missed my RP goodness. Hopefully, in the following week I can get back to my GMing. Things have been a little slow on the chat, but really there's nothing like a good example to get things motivated again. So fighto fighto next week.

Amazing, I talk about my roleplaying before I talk about my RL stuff. Kinda sad really. I've choosen which course and school I want to go too this Fall. So I'm anxious and interested in that. I really need to find a full time job in the meantime to save up some money. Fell and hit my tailbone yesterday, really hurts. My poor bum ;_;

My friends are all healthy, Laura (Scotts girl) got a new job. Go laura! we are very proud of you! Laura is going to be one of the new players in my DnD game, and she's a first time RPer, so I hope I can make the game exciting and interesting for her.
Sunday, January 21st, 2007
9:53 am
One must tolerate a world of demons for the company of one angel.
Sunday, January 14th, 2007
12:35 pm
Talent for Survival
An L5R Fan fiction thingy that I wrote in about 3 hours. I thought it was rather good. Enjoy!

On the border of Lion lands, a chill winter was beginning to settle into season. A light snow fell as a column of Lion Clan samurai, their amour shinning in the faint light, the decorative Lion manes on their helmets swaying in the wind, escorted a group of men roped together who followed on foot. The walking men were a sorry looking lot, thieves and cutthroats by the look of them, who shivered pathetically in the cold, their clothes barely adequate to protect them from the winter chill. Many of them hobbled about barefoot. Matsu Daikyuki, the lord of these lands, led their Lion captors. He was a proud figure, a veteran of many battles, standing tall and alert in the saddle of his horse, the Lion samurai watched the countryside with the steady gaze of a man who ruled all he could see.

That steady gaze narrowed as Daikyuki saw a shadow hidden within a bamboo thicket. The commander motioned to two of his men; the samurai bowed and spurred their horses towards the thicket. Daikyuki watched with an interested eye.

With a rattle of dried bamboo stalks, the shadow fled from the thicket, revealing itself as a man in a red hat, carrying an enormous sword upon his back. Daikyuki grimaced, a ronin by all looks, he rather disliked ronin. The fleeing man in the red hat was quick on his feet, but he had no chance as the two riders overtook him. Wielding wicked looking spears with barbs and prongs they thrust at the man. The ronin was fast enough to avoid getting skewered, but the barbs caught in his clothing. They had him. The Lion lord nodded in approval.

That nod of approval turned into a frown as the ronin, displaying ferocious strength, grabbed the haft of one of the weapons and yanked it's wielder from his horse. Turning, he swung the butt of the spear at the second rider, who narrowly avoided getting knocked from his horse. Annoyed, Daikyuki motioned to his men who quickly knocked arrows and aimed at the ronin. The ronin in the red hat turned and met eyes with the Lion commander. Daikyuki held up his hand, ready to order his men to fire. The ronin's gaze was hard, but Daikyuki's was harder. After a long moment, the ronin let go of the weapon and put his hands on the back of his head. The riders, one getting to his feet, the other nursing a broken nose, took this opportunity to knock the ronin to the ground. Humiliated before their commander and comrades, they took their revenge, betting the prone ronin senselessly. Giving his men a moment to regain their lost pride, Daikyuki gave the order for the ronin to be bound up with the rest.

Continuing on, the Matsu Commander made a note to discipline the two riders, they had almost failed in their task and that would have been unacceptable. They were good men; he would hate to lose them to seppuku. A few days fasting would teach them a valuable lesson. As he thought about this, his second in command was taking the ronin's sword, looking at the great blade, called a no dachi, impressed. It was big enough to take down a horse and rider in a single blow. A good quality weapon as well, from the looks of it. Daikyuki smiled inside, though the expression never reached his face. No doubt the sake would flow tonight and quite the interesting tales would be told about the capture of the ronin.

Looking at the man in the red hat, the ronin staggered along with the rest of the prisoners, his face bloody from the beating. He was a good catch, very strong. Fierce. Daikyuki could admire the fight in him, even if nothing else. Even in chains, his head was still held high. Oh yes, he could admire the fight in the man, even if it wouldn't save his life. He'd be dead by this time tomorrow.

[i]This Time Tomorrow......[/i]
They arrived at the town called Copper Village. It was called this because it, naturally, contained a copper mine. The mine was the only holding of relative value in Daikyuki's lands, and he relied on it to pay his taxes every year. A problem has arisen though.

At the entrance to the mine, Daikyuki stopped and turned his horse to face the prisoners. "Each of you," he began, "are guilty of crimes that would usually, result in torture then execution." Rapists, murders, draft dodgers and ronins. All crimes worthy of a gruesome death, in Daikyuki's opinion. "I have decided to show you mercy." A brief look of hope bloomed on the prisoners’ faces, as their bindings were cut. "Instead, your deaths may have some meaning." He gestured towards the mine. "Inside, foul beasts have infested the Emperor's lands. You have the honor of fighting to cleanse this place of evil." One of the beasts screaming could be heard from inside the mine. It was a bone chilling sound. Amazing how quickly hope could turn to despair, Daikyuki thought. The prisoners looked at the cave opening with fear plain on their faces. All except the ronin in the red hat though....he just looked...interested.

Daikyuki went on. "If you remove the beasts from the mine, your fates may be reconsidered." A quick death instead of a long one. "May the Fortunes have mercy on you." The commander moved aside, as each man was handed a heavy bladed knife and a torch, then were prodded inside. Some, looked like they would fight to stay out of the mine, but eventually, uncertain death won out against certain death trying to fight thirty horsed and fully armed samurai. The ronin in the red hat was the last to go in, casting one scornful look at the Lion before vanishing into the darkness.

With that completed, Daikyuki dismounted, rubbing his neck. He wasn't as young as he used to be, and these long rides were beginning to wear thin on him. "Watch the entrance until morning." He commanded his samurai.

His second in command, a young but keen lad, looked into the darkness. "Do you think they will do better than the last bunch we sent in Daikyuki - sama?"

The older samurai shook his head. "I doubt it, but they'll thin the herd a bit more atleast." He would not lose more men then he had to in this. The first squad he'd sent in, including his own son, had never come out. He could not afford another disaster like that. "Keep a close watch, and note when the yelling stops. If they keep up yelling longer than the last group, atleast we're making progress. I'll have my tea in my tent." Was his last comment, as the prisoners inside began to scream.

[i]Even Later This Time Tomorrow......[/i]
With the sounds of battle having stopped hours ago, the guards outside the mine entrance had started up a game of Fortunes and Winds. They talked in hushed tones over the dice bowl.

"Think we'll go down there tomorrow?"

"I hope not, did you hear those men yelling? Chills my bones it does. Ha! Two fives, lets see anyone beat that." There were grumbles as the dice were passed around.

"I wouldn't be afraid to go down there and show those beasts what a true Lion samurai can do, it would do better upon us then sending these scum down."

"Don't be foolish boy. They sent down fifty men the first time, we didn't see any alive again. A wise man weakens his enemy before crushing him."

"Well I'd still like to go down, be nice to get blooded before fighting the Khan."

"You'll get your chance boy you'll....well I'll be damned! two sixes! I win I w.......sweet Mother of Akodo something's coming out!!!"

The dice game was forgotten as the men hurriedly grabbed their weapons and ran towards the mine entrance, to meet the dark figure, which had emerged from within. Chill from the cold and from fear of what lay inside made fingers clumsy, weapons dropping before being picked back up hastily. They advanced cautiously upon the figure, ready to strike. Before a blow could be struck though, the figure collapsed onto the ground.

The tension broken, a torch was brought and the figure was looked at. The ronin in the red hat, covered completely in black ichors lay upon the ground snoring soundly. They looked at each other wordlessly, before the second in command finally said. "Someone go wake the commander."

[i]This Time Tomorrow, Only A Day After[/i]

Daikyuki looked the ronin over carefully. Someone had tossed a bucket of water on the man to clean off most of the blood, but he was still a mess. He had more wounds than the Lion could count, all non-life threatening though. His eyes though, they were what drew the Lion in, deep, black, damaged, angry.

"So where did you hide ronin, while the others died?" Daikyuki walked around the ronin while he talked, the man kneeled in the center of the tent, two spear blades at his throat.

"I did not Matsu - sama." The ronin answered, trying to turn his head to follow the Lion commander’s movements. "Ask your men, they saw the blood of the ones I killed." His eyes met with the Matsu commanders, until one of the guards poked him especially hard with the spear. The ronin lowered his eyes again.

The Lion Lord considered the mans words for a moment. "Yes, I think your telling the truth. A real warrior you are ronin." He continued to pace around the man. "Are they all dead?"

The ronin was quiet for a moment. "The men you sent with me, or the monsters, Matsu - sama?"

"The beasts of course."

The ronin reached to adjust his hat, getting a viscous poke for his trouble. Daikyuki was surprised someone hadn't taken the hat from him by now, but then he wouldn't terribly surprised, it was a terribly ugly hat. The ronin finally answered. "No, there are more. Many more Matsu - sama."

Daikyuki frowned, but the expression never reached his face. "Well then ronin, you have the honor of going down again with the next batch. Perhaps they'll value your experience. Take him away."

As the guards escorted the ronin out, Daikyuki's second in command sided up to his leader. "How Daikyuki - sama? How could he survive?"

Sitting down at this table, Daikyuki looked over the papers. Blight and famine on the rice harvest, he would never pay his taxes without the mine operational. "The same way most men survive their first battle, luck. I doubt he'll come up a second time. Go get me more convicts. Twenty this time." The young samurai bowed and made his way out of the room, leaving Daikyuki alone to think. Something about that ronin as the man was dragged out...something strange.....oh yes...he was smiling. Disturbed, though he could not think of why, Daikyuki went back to his letter. He had to convince the tax collector to wait just one more month.....

[i]Many Many This Time Tomorrow's Later...[/i]

The ronin was shoved roughly into the Matsu commander’s tent, though this time the guards did not follow him in, taking up positions on either side of the entrance outside. Bemused, the ronin adjust his hat and stepped further inside. Daikyuki sat with his fingers poised above his desk, the letters from the tax collectors had piled up. He motioned towards a cushion across from him. "Sit ronin, it's time we talk."

Moving carefully, as if he expected for the guards to come in at any moment and beat him senseless, the ronin moved over and sat down. The Lion and the ronin in the red hat watched each over across the table, waiting for each to make the first move. Finally, Daikyuki broke the silence. "How many times have you gone down now?"

Adjusting his hat again, the ronin considered. "Five times, I think Matsu - sama." When they'd brought him in, the ronin had been lean. Three meals a day for the past month had brought out his true physique though, he fairly bulged with muscle. Other than the tattered beard, and that horrible hat, some woman might actually find this man attractive Daikyuki mused.

"You keep coming out, alive, when all others have died." He stated, eyes boring into the ronin.

"Yes Matsu - sama." The man replied, somewhat sullenly.

"Including, fifty of my best men. Led by my own son!" The Lions iron control broke for a moment, he slammed his fist against the table, half standing, accusing the ronin of this terrible crime, living where his son had died.

In the same tone, the ronin answered. "Yes Matsu - sama." He thought for a moment, then added. "It was not easy though."

Sitting back down, Daikyuki breathed deeply to steady himself. "It would seem you have a talent for survival. But that is not what I need."

The ronin looked blankly at the Lion. "What would that be Matsu - sama?"

The Lions hand caressed his stack of letters. "I need someone who wants those beasts dead more than he wants to survive. If, you come out of that mine alive this time, and those beasts are still alive, you will have a very long, very unfortunate death ronin. Do you hear me?"

The ronin quietly considered his offers. "I hear you very well Matsu - sama. I am now very motivated to see these beasts dead."

"Good good." Daikyuki looked down to see he had crumpled one of the letters in a clenched fist. He let the paper go and smoothed it carefully. "Mind, I don't think the promise of death really frightens a man like you ronin. So I will, sweeten the deal, as the Yasuki say." The ronin watched without talking, waiting for more. "The battle with the Khan is coming, and the Lion will need strong men to win. Men like you ronin. If you complete this task for me, you have a place within my command."

Like everything else Daikyuki had said, the ronin in the red hat considered his words. "That is very generous of you Matsu - sama, I think I have little choice but to accept. If I may ask a question?" The Lion motioned that he could. "It is a grand offer to a man you know nothing of."

Daikyuki smiled, the ronin in the red hat looked taken aback by the expression on the Lion's normally impassive face. "ah but I do know you ronin. I know exactly who you are, or atleast who you used to be." He picked up one of the papers on his desk. "A man like you does not just appear out of no where. Oh no. He leaves a very definite mark upon the world. There was once a man who was a hero and a villain at the same time. Some, said he had the honor of a rat with the last grain of rice in the basket. A thug and a thief. Others, said he was a valiant hero, undefeatable in battle, a killer of monsters. This Hero, or villain, depending on who you ask, ended up joining the Imperial Legions and made even more of a name for himself. Eventually though, his past caught up with him. An Emerald Magistrate accused him of high crimes. Our hero was suddenly just a villain again, cast out from his own clan, lucky to be alive. His name was- "

The ronin cut him off. "Names aren't important." He said bluntly, real anger in his voice. The two guards outside looked in, hands on their weapons. Somewhat annoyed at being interrupted, the Lion motioned for his men to be calm.

"No worry then, what you were is not important. I am only truly worried about the future. Serve, and you shall be rewarded ronin!" He stood then, command in his voice. The ronin looked up at the Lion, then bowed his head.

"Yes Matsu - sama, I shall obey. Give me thirty men, and your mine shall be empty by this time tomorrow."

The Lion nodded. "Go now." The ronin stood up and backed his way out of the tent. After a few moments, Daikyuki's second in command entered, the commander was once again sitting, looking over his letters. He hovered uncomfterably until the Matsu commander noticed him. "Yes lad?"

The boy bowed. "I heard......thirty men Daikyuki - sama? I am not sure we can control that many......"

The commander chuckled. "You listened in, good. A man should always know what his lord commands before he speaks. You and your men will keep control, because I command it. Understand?"

The young man nodded, then looked disturbed. "Do you really intend to give Red Hat a place on your staff Daikyuki - sama?

"Red Hat?"

"Ah what the men call him sir, no one seems to know his name."

"Appropriate enough." The Matsu said, shaking his head in amusement. "But yes, I do. Less one tongue though, we can't have him spreading tales about this embarrassing situation. Now go, you have work to do." The young samurai left quickly.

[i]Just Later...[/i]

The second in command poked his head into the tent. "They've gone in Daikyuki - sama. They almost rioted at the entrance.....but Red Hat actually calmed the situation down and got them to go in."

Writing a letter to assure the tax collector that the debt would be paid soon and to thank him for his patience, Daikyuki barely looked up. "I am not surprised."

The young samurai paused before going out again. "Do you think he will really win my lord?"

"Oh yes" The Matsu replied, making another brush stroke on the paper. "Of that I have no doubt, after all, our Red Hat has that talent for survival." Across his desk, the ronin's great sword rested. The young samurai nodded then left.

[i]That Night...[/i]

"He's back Daikyuki - sama."

The Matsu commander looked up from his desk, a single candle burning brightly to light his writing in the darkness, as the ronin entered, flanked by two Lion samurai. The ronin bowed to the Lion commander. "It is done Matsu - sama."

The Lion looked down at his hands and was surprised to find them shaking with relief. Perhaps he was getting old. He stood up carefully. "Very good, go with these men. There is only one last sacrifice you must make before you can rejoin the world of honorable men."

The ronin nodded grimly. "One question, if I may, Matsu - sama?"

Daikyuki watched the ronin carefully. The man began to smile then, the smile from a man who just won a long and difficult shogi game. "Speak." The Lion said bluntly.

"What do you think the monsters were eating?"

"What?" The Lion asked, confused.

The ronin shook his head. "You northern samurai. You think monsters are all magic and kitsune dust, but you don't realize they eat and drink like we do."

Feeling irritated and on the defensive, the Lion commander stroked the hilt of his sword. "What does it matter, this time you've killed them."

"Actually." The ronin said, his victory smile becoming a sly grin. "I killed them the first time down." He was a sudden blur of movement, grabbing his guards about the neck and slamming them together violently. They slumped boneless to the ground.

Baring an inch of steel, the Matsu commander snarled. "Your a fool. I have twenty-five men here and only one of you. You will never escape ronin!"

The ronin in the red hat calmly picked up his sword, checking it for damage before tossing it over his back. The Matsu's righteous anger began to fade away, replace by dread as the sound of men fighting, men screaming, his men began to echo among the camp. The ronin continued to smile.

"You see, what you had there were your average goblins. Nasty brutes, tough in tight quarters, but dumber than spit. easy to kill if you don't let them fool ya." A southern accent crept into his voice. "Ya see, your peasants had been hiding extra rice harvest down in the mine, ta avoid your tax collectors Matsu - sama. Underground stream too, and ya've got enough food and water to feed plenty of monsters....or men."

The Matsu commander’s eye twitched.

"Right now, I've got almost seventy men out there. Now they've been living in a cave for a month, their hungry too because we're almost out of rice. They see in the dark like cats, and your men are a little drunk from celebrating." His grin was sharp, like that of a shark. "Oh, and their very, very angry at you."

The commander closed his eyes for a moment, then opened them again, his gaze focused and determined. "At the very least ronin, I can assure you do not get away with this."

"You can try." The ronin replied, readying his sword.

Matsu Daikyuki let out an earth-shattering roar, loud enough to stop the heavens. His sword swung free and he charged the ronin in the red hat.

[i]After This Time Tomorrow...[/i]

Leaving the body of the Matsu commander, the ronin left while everyone was still distracted with the fighting. Watching the carnage from afar, he felt a little responsible for all this. Well, more than a little, closer to completely. But he'd had little choice, man works with what tools he has.

The smart ones would do their best to vanish. The rest, well, they'd form up into a bandit gang and terrorize the region until they were rounded up and killed by the Lion. Innocent people would suffer, because the ronin in the red hat had to live. It was his talent after all.

With a sigh, he adjusted his hat and turned east. The ronin wouldn't be welcome in Lion lands for a long time, so he had no choice but to go back. Back was the last place a man with a past ever wanted to go. It was a long walk, so he got started.

The End
Saturday, January 13th, 2007
8:01 am
Boredom is the Driving force of Creativity
With FRO now locked out of my work computer, I realise there can only be one thing to do now that will feed my RP need. I'm going to create my own website and chat based RPG. With my current powers of math, it'll take me about $100 to get started, as well as having to rebuy the 3.5 DnD books (someone took my GM's Guide and Monster Manual, curse them). Now I plan to use my own homebrew world rather than a cannon setting, this'll probably ensure I'll never be truely popular, but I'd rather just run for my friends anyways. I am thinking that my general theme will be something along the lines of "Ultimate Good vs Ultimate Evil vs People Who Are Neither". I've always been of the opinion that extremes are bad anyways.

So general plot idea, a world with Heaven and Hell on either side (literally, a white planet and a red planet have opposite orbits around this world), the angels and demons have long tried to influence the mortals on the planet, bound by ancient rules from the gods not to interfere directly. Until at some point, a force of Chaos (Sladdi maybe?) invade the mortal world. Both demons and angels step in to stop the "bad" guys, eventually succeeding in driving out the outsiders.

Of course, once their there, they don't want to leave. both take a hemisphere of the planet, with a strip of land along the middle as a neutral territory to keep them from butting heads. The idea is kinda like a Berlin Wall. In the Upper Hemisphere, it's kinda like a samurai society. Everyone is born into their place and there's no deviation from the norm. It's a Just world, but also a world without mercy for those who violate the rules. In the Lower Hemisphere, savage humanoids rule the lands, where the strongest takes what they want and might makes right. Be a King today, because tomorrow you may be dead.

The Narrows Lands between them are where people go to be Free. Full Angels and Demons cannot enter the Narrow Lands, so many mortal races who cannot accept the rule of either end up here. The City which is the focus of our story is the only major city set firmly into the Narrow Lands. A place proud of it's independance, it's in danger of being overtaken by the Outsiders now. The King and Queen are dead, and their only heir is their young daughter, a rather weak ruler. The Mortal Princess (every fantasy story needs a princess) has taken both Upper and Lower advisors, and every day their power in the city grows.

Aasimar and Tieflings are the servants of the two sides in the city, the mortal children of immortals. Both have districts of the city firmly under their control, and both seem to have a complete disregard for the freedom and independance of the common people.
Saturday, December 30th, 2006
7:54 am
Tainty Goodness - This title means nothing
Happy New years and Merry late Christmas to anyone who reads this journal.

Over the holidays my sister told me that I was depressed. She's a psyche student, so she thinks she knows what she's talking about. Honestly, I'm not depressed. There's just only so much of your family that you can take, especially when their all drinking and your not. I'm a solitary person by nature, so I'm sorry Kaara that I'm not a social butterfly like you are. Also, fuck you, I'm an adult, I can work as little or as much as I want, and I'll take the consequences for it.

Well atleast she was right about writing my problems out is cathartic.

My city of heroes Villian is level 36, and more than half way to level 37. She's a Fire Brute, and amazingly fun to play, as I mostly just run around kicking ass and chewing bubblegum. I really want to do some of the Villain Taskforces, but I'm having a hard time convincing Claudia to do them with me. Will bother her terribly about it this week.

My CoH Hero is at leve 43 now, and probably will be there for several months. It's very very very hard to level my poor Defender, he's so cool though...why oh why....much like my villian, I need to do the synapse Taskforce too. That should be easier though, just go, sit there and ask for a team for a bit.

I will post pics of my hero and villian on here at some point, they are pretty neat.

Poor Yasuki Fumoki, Crab Clan Hero, is now a ronin. It's very very sad and annoying. Sometimes I really think the GM's hate me (or a specific GM anyways). My plan is to start up a ronin band, and do a seven samurai in a village somewhere. That sounds fun, or atleast somewhat interesting.
Saturday, December 16th, 2006
8:38 am
I'd Ask Santa to bring me a true love, but she'd probably get stuck in the chimney and die.
I broke my glasses yesterday, so sad. there's 250 gone that should have been spent on Christmas presents for the family. So my holiday shopping will end up being a bit tight. Thats so full of suck. On the plus side I managed to actually work on Perfect Exile today. I guess not being able to access FRO From work has atleast one upside. Yan should be happy if I ever managed to get this thing done. Though at this point I've removed myself from the last work so much It's probably swimming with continuity errors. Enjoy!

A chill wind whipped through the mountains, cruelly lashing at the two samurai who crawled like insects across the snow covered peaks. The wind carried a winter storm upon it, ready to break at any moment and bury the determined pair. Ikoma Tsuya and Kitsuki Shanruko were set upon racing the killer storm to their destination, an ancient and lost relic (by word of the beautiful Dragon woman), but everyday seemed an uphill battle for the two. Theirs had been a chance meeting. Tsuya was a scout for the mighty Lion Clan, assigned the lonely duty of guarding the Lions northern most borders, which connected them to the mountain home of the mysterious Dragon Clan. To another Samurai, such an unglamorous duty would seem a punishment, but for Tsuya it allowed him to perform his duty and to escape a legacy of war he could not stomach. His had been a perfect exile, a peaceful and solitary life.

As he prepared to face another winter, a stranger came to his secluded mountain valley. The gorgeous Dragon Shugenja, Kitsuki Shanruko. Searching for an ancient holy text, the Dragon mystic quickly recruited Tsuya in her search, whom had become smitten with suspicious ease by her considerable charms. Together they excavated the shrine where the text was supposed to rest. There, Tsuya faced against a dread guardian of the shrine, a ferocious bear bearing the mark of the elements. Much to the Lions surprise, he defeated the beast.

Their journey was not yet finished though, as the shrine only hid a stone tablet that detailed the route to their true prize. With winter nipping at their heels, the two samurai took off to finish their quest.

Tsuya compared a weather beaten map to the route described upon the tablet. The Lion samurai hardly looked the part of the honorable warriors he hailed from. Several layers of warm furs concealed his weapons and armor. His people usually distained such trappings, finding the idea of wearing dead animals distasteful, but necessity had won out over old taboo’s. Tsuya had no interest in freezing to death after all and that was the only alternative. The man himself was unremarkable, neither tall nor short, plain faced, black hair with brown eyes. His long dead Mother would have difficulty-picking Tsuya out of a crowd. Only a magnificent helmet, made to resemble a snarling lion with a long flowing mane, gave the Lion any credit to uniqueness. The helmet had belonged to Tsuya’s grandfather initially, and his Father after that. Both were men the Lion had never met, wearing the helmet made Tsuya feel close to them (even though the helmet never truly fit right and the chin strap was always loose). Also the mane kept his ears warm. Tsuya hoped his ancestors did not mind that was his favorite feature of the helm right now.

Not far away, Kitsuki Shanruko waited for Tsuya to finish his comparisons. The Dragon woman had not asked why the Lion Clan had such detailed maps of territory that belonged traditionally to her clan, which Tsuya was grateful for. Her long unbound hair danced in the wind, the black tresses looking like a thing alive. Her dark bottomless eyes scanned the horizon, ever searching for her goal. Her face was beautiful, but without emotion, like a frozen pond. Though she claimed the cold did not bother her, even Shanruko wore several layers of fur, covering the lush body, which she gladly displayed in a revealing kimono.

Previous installments can be found on the FRO forums.
Saturday, December 2nd, 2006
8:34 am
Shoot me, in the head please
So my work internet access policy blocks out FRO now. It does this sometimes, though I don't ever remembering it doing so two weekends in a row before. So now I have to find something else to do for 12 hours around here. I've got a book to read, and maybe it's time to check out one of the other L5R chats that various people I know run.

I've got that blind Imperial Seer I've had an interest in playing for a bit now. Might perhaps be the worst character idea ever, but hey worth giving a shot, especially if it'll give me something to do on the weekends here.

Beyond my RPing woes, it's snowing outside. Which is nice, I missed the snow, it's pretty.
Sunday, November 12th, 2006
10:40 am
Shouldn't I have something interesting to say here?
With my ultimate dream in life to become a profession writer, I realise I do very little to actually practice at my goal. So righto, to practice I plan to write in my Livejournal more. Hooray for the few people that actually read it. Suffer with me.

Beer tonight I say! Beer with two attractive young ladies one of whom my friends nickname for is "tits"......that could be either good or bad? I'm going to assume "good". Apparently her sister is a recovering cancer patient, I hope that I don't say anything insensetive, though with beer involved thats almost a given. Fear my social skills.
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