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DnD Chat Still in Planning "I need to buy Webspace" stages

Until I think of a decent name, my setting will be known as Kingdom X.

The Elves have this to say about humans : "Much like sand after a trip to the beach, the race of man gets everywhere." And it's a very true statement. After the Gods left the mortal races to their own devices, mankind quickly became the dominant power in Kingdom X. Hardy, adaptable, ingenious man had the ability to hold onto the lands it already controlled and the vision to search for new horizons.

Human lands stretch across most of the continent, ranging from the northern Savage Mountains to the Lostbones Sea in the south. The human nations bump up against the lands of all the civilized races (and some of the not so civilized ones). Beyond Kingdom X, from across the Lostbones Sea, there are strange and exotic human cultures that no one in Kingdom X have ever seen.

In Kingdom X, the main human seat of power is Yolen's Retreat, the center of the civilized world. From here generations of human Kings and Queens have held power, defending their vast nation from all who would seek to take it from them.

King Archles the Ninth was the last man to sit upon the Throne of Old Bones. Not a year ago he died of illness, leaving two children as heirs, Prince Archles the Tenth and his daughter Princess Amreal. Archles, the heir apparent, currently trains with the XXX Guard. Princess Amreal is currently in deep seclusion, rarely seen in public.

more later....
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