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More on Leaders....
The Kingdom is currently ruled by a Chancellor, the late Kings youngest brother, Prince Alnows. Alnows was named Chancellor when he returned from abroad just in time to reveal the duplicity of his older brother in killing the late King, and saving the royal heirs from a similiar fate. In the last eight years, while waiting for the Crown Prince to become old enough to take the throne, the Kingdom has prospered under the rule of Alnows, despite the recent tragedy concerning the Elven Nations.

Cities and Towns, Important Places

Yowen's Retreat
The capital city of the Human Kingdoms is Yowen's Retreat, named after and built by the great tribal King Yowen who united the scattered human societies during the First Wars. Bringing his people south to escape the maruading goblin hordes, the great leader was struck with a vision from the Gods that his people should make a stand there, on the South bank of the River White, and they would break the Goblin Horde into a thousand pieces.

The prophecy came true, the Yowens people broken the invaders, beginning the decline of the Goblin Nations into savegery. There his people settled, beginning a nation which would stretch from mountains to shore.

The second biggest city in the Kingdom, the Retreat is the throne of the King and has been since Yowen's Time. The city has been besieged more than once in it's history, but the protection of the river and it's hardy people have turned back all enemies.
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