gunder69 (gunder69) wrote,


Okay, I realise my previous incarnation of Kingdom X was crap, instead I'm going to move into another direction.

Lost City
In the center of the land, lies the mystical City of X. It is said that long before mortal man can remember, that X was the center of the greatest Kingdom that ever had been and ever would be. The people who lived there, the Eiyordum, had created a society strong in both magics and strength of arms. They were the undisputed rulers of all the lands, until mysteriously they vanished from history, leaving the younger races free to build their own kingdoms and history.

Beyond a few scattered ruins, there is little to remember the mysterious Eiyordum...except for, of course, The City of X. Like a blood red ruby, it has been kept apart behind a massive red magical barrier for longer than any man can say. Over the years, there have been countless attempts to break through the barrier, with no success.

Two weeks ago, the barrier fell, leaving the City of X open to the world for the first time in recorded history. As one, all the surrounding nations have moved, to take control of this priceless mystical resource.
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