gunder69 (gunder69) wrote,

Hello True Belivers!

Another week in which to experience the wonders of life. I think things are going good for me. No big drama, all my friends are healthy and alive, I have a well paying job which is steady. I have plans to continue my education. I even have a number in the lottery which may end up being my ticket to easyville. And a tasty looking sammich on my plate for lunch.

We still haven't managed to get that Table Top game running, and with my work scheduel I don't know when that'll happen. Scott seems a little dispondant lately, I'd like to visit him and cheer him up. I think he misses being a kid with no responsibilities. Me on the other hand, I miss none of it at all. I love being my own person, having my own job and my own life, with not a thing to tie me down. A bit lonely maybe. But well, I think I have plenty of friends.

FRO is going okay, running GM like stuff, having some fun, my character is a Rank 6 scary mofo (2 ranks Yoritomo Bushi, 4 Ranks Ronin Warrior). I recently got the Mosters of Rokugan 3rd edition book, so I can throw random creatures at Rev Path when I get bored. GMing court stuff too, finally am getting my Ox plot off the ground. Held off on that for far too long.

City of Heroes continues to be fun, I may not need another game for as long as I live, god knows I barely have enough free time for one. My Defender is level 50, and my Fire Brute is level 42 (close to 43). So I would indeed say things are going well on there and lots of fun. No complaints there.

Work is just fine, nothing to say there, got in a bit of trouble, as they wanted me to work the weekend but no one told me that, and I got chewed out for not being able to read minds. Oh well, I was happy to get the weekend off anyways.
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