gunder69 (gunder69) wrote,

Queen Music is a way of life. Sadly probably a homosexual one

Well, another exciting day at work, and I still don't mind at all. I can hang out here. play around on FRO and make money. Could there be anything greater I wonder? Well maybe a busty blonde on my lap all the time, but hey, you can't have everything.

So in general life is good. I have a good job and good friends. My new DnD TT game will be starting up this Sunday (if we don't find something new to get in the way that is >_>) Lack of love, but hey, you'll get used to anything.

still kinda annoyed that I never see my friends during the week, but we can hang out on the weekends, so thats cool. I also miss having wing night at the bar. Oh my delicious chicken wings, I miss you soooo much.

FRO is going well, I enjoy my GMing again, and my character is rank 6. He's amazingly powerful and cool, I'm going to badly miss him when everthing restarts.

My supervisor at work, Ryan is a cool guy as well. We get along great. I'm thinking I should invite him to go to the movies with my friends when we next go out.
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